Inform and Train Employees During Their Daily Routine

L3 Brings the Front Office to the Front Line with Communications @ the Speed of BusinessThink®

Schedule Internal
Marketing Messages
Employees Activate
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Employees are
Informed and Reinforced

L3 (Look, Listen, Learn)
L3 is an innovative, visual communication tool. Think YouTube on steroids, but trackable, secure, and only for your organization. Watch this virtual simulation to see how it works.


Communicate Marketing Objectives
Keep employees informed efficiently by delivering marketing campaigns and objectives to employees while they work. Whether you communicate this week’s mobile marketing campaign, your objectives for the radio spot running on local stations, or your national tv commercials, your team will outperform the competition when connected, engaged, and informed.


Distribute Customer Care Messages
Connect your employees directly to customers by relaying customer care messages. Delivering unfiltered customer compliments and complaints will make a significant impact when quickly distributed to the entire organization.


Role Based Delivery
Communicate relevant information to differing groups within your organization such as managers and shift employees. We offer flexible, role-based, delivery to ensure your message resonates with the right audience.


Message Tracking
L3 tracks all viewing history so you know who has seen what along with when and where it was viewed. Real-time and scheduled reports keep management apprised of the state of your internal marketing. Everything is managed through an easy-to-us dashboard accessible from any computer or mobile device.


Efficient, Effective Delivery
L3 delivers internal messages to all employees, shifts, and stores, based on the schedule of your choosing, keeping employees informed regardless of location or work schedules.

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