Send Mobile Coupons to Address Customer Care Issues

Improve Customer Relations with Customer Care @ the Speed of BusinessThink®

Record Customer Care
Issue in our CRM
Instantly Send Customer
a Mobile Coupon
Customer Redeems Coupon
and You Recapture a Customer

Customer Relationship Database
Our simple customer relationship database allows you to keep all your customer care issues in a centralized place. Whether you address the issue internally or send a mobile coupon as a result, we will keep you organized. Best of all, your customer care data is stored in the cloud and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.


Redemption System
As with our mobile marketing service, at the heart of our customer care service is our proprietary redemption system. The system notifies a manager of a customer care issue without requiring prior knowledge of the issue. The redemption system allows a cashier to handle the issue with speed and efficiency while providing notification that the customer has been recaptured.


Mobile Coupons
Today’s environment demands the immediacy of mobile. Replacing a customer’s order with a mobile coupon is a fast, efficient, and effective way to avoid a customer publicizing a negative experience, such as the dreaded Yelp review.


History at Your Fingertips
We provide quick access to your customers’ issues. With one click of the mouse, you can view a customer’s complete history including issues, resolutions, mobile coupons, and any text messages sent or received.


Traditional Delivery Methods
In addition to mobile phones, a coupon can be delivered in a more traditional method while reaping the benefits of our redemption system. A coupon code can be delivered via telephone, email, postal mail, or other means. You determine the best method for each customer.


Identify Trouble Areas
Our customer relationship data provides insight into your operations. With our CRM you can determine if the same types of issues are repeated or if specific locations need additional reinforcement and training.

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