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Redemption System
At the heart of our service is our proprietary redemption system used by the highest volume brands in the industry. Our redemption system generates real-time campaign analytics providing data to validate and enhance marketing decisions.


Target Customer Preferences
With a few clicks of a mouse, your mobile marketing campaign can be sent to all subscribers or a targeted group of subscribers. Send a breakfast offer to your breakfast customers, send a special offer to all non-redeemers, or send a mobile coupon to customers who like coffee. Targeted marketing has never been easier.


Real-Time Analytics
Unlike many other marketing options, mobile is easily measured. Our redemption system provides a rich set of analytics, including redemption reports, trend lines, even raw data if you like. Having historical and real-time data to slice, dice, and compare will make you a more effective marketer.


We understand the impact that abuse from employees and customers have on the bottom line. We have a suite of security measures to stop abuse in its tracks. From single-use mobile coupons to detailed security reports you can rest assured that we have you covered.


Social Media Integration
For many restauranteurs and retailers social media has become a way to engage with their customers. Our social campaigns can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media site. Our redemption system will track the impact of your social campaign and give you the same insight as with your mobile campaigns.


Direct Mail Integration
Direct mail and paper coupons have long been staples in the marketing mix for restaurants and retail marketers. Our redemption system can be leveraged to provide in-depth analysis for those paper coupons, providing marketers the data to make more informed decisions. You can even kick start your mobile program through direct mail.


Franchisee and Cooperative Friendly
Franchise owners can coordinate mobile marketing efforts with other franchise owners in their area. Our flexible setup allows for mobile coupons to be limited to a single franchisee or honored by adjoining franchisees or cooperative partners.


Agency Features
We provide all the tools necessary for a marketing agency to easily manage multiple clients. From differing access levels for your clients to A/B Testing, we have advanced agency features to manage the mobile marketing needs for your entire portfolio of clients.


Proven Results
In today’s environment with DVRs, Netflix, Smartphones, Apple TV and a variety of other options, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reach customers. Mobile marketing cuts through the clutter and puts your message directly in the pockets and purses of customers.

Historically, paper coupons are redeemed at a 1-2% redemption rate. However, our mobile coupons routinely fall into the 5%-20% redemption rate range. We have even seen some mobile campaigns eclipse the 50% mark.

Mobile marketing increases overall sales. Some of our clients have seen double digit sales growth compared to previous years before using our service. In addition our clients are outperforming their competitors who have not yet integrated mobile into their marketing mix. The time for mobile is now and we would like to be your mobile marketing partner.

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